Clearly jealous of the writers' big web appearance and the only-slightly-about-him, totally uninformative behind-the-scene features that have been showing up on TV lately, director Michael Bay himself has been doing a bit of Transformers promoting lately, albeit within the confines of his official website. During a recent interview -- "between takes," of course -- Bay offered the website 10 more specifics about the movie, including confirmation that the Optimus Prime pics that have been popping up online recently are, in fact, illegitimate (though they're of an "early rendering"). He also discussed the movie's plot in a very general way, emphasizing that the storyline (about why the Transformers came to earth) will be independent -- not based on any previous incarnations of the characters, be they on television or in the comics. In addition, for the Transformers neophytes among us, Bay also provided a handy description of the personalties of each Autobot and Decepticon. (And for those of you who have had your eyes on him? Bonecrusher "doesn't want friends," so don't even think about it.)
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