(Little bits of) the week in gossip, for your viewing pleasure.
  • Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke -- both massive Red Sox fans -- got to spend some time in the NESN broadcast booth this week, watching the Sox lose to the Tigers. During their visit, Clarke and Leary discovered, much to their surprise (and overflowing pride), that Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis is Jewish. That, combined with a great defensive play by Youk shortly after the revelation, led to a massive explosion of hilarity primarily focused on, yes, poor Mel Gibson. (You can hear the audio at the link; the video keeps getting yanked down.)
  • Early in the week, the ever-reliable New York Daily News reported that, contrary to popular opinion, Tom Cruise has been crazy for years. Word is that back in the heady, I'm a Flawless Superstar! days of the early 1990s, Tom got it into his head that he needed to spend some quality time with one Joe DiMaggio, an impulse that any baseball fan can respect and understand. The problem, however, is that Joe D. wasn't having it -- he was completely uninterested in talking to Cruise, so Mav did the logical thing, and started lurking around at DiMaggio's signing events and, um, outside the places the man was trying to eat. How did old-man Joe deal with it? "This guy is following me around everywhere I go. Next time, I'm going to call the cops." Nice.
  • James Woods, who spends most of his time trying to convince me that my affection for him is appallingly misguided, actually corrected his most recent disaster this week, albeit a bit late: He dumped Ashley Madison, his infant girlfriend (Ok, actually she's 20. But when you're 60? 20 is an infant.) after she reportedly acted like a fame whore (No!) at the funeral of Woods' brother. Try to read this description without thinking of the worst kind of 16-year-old girl: In addition to showing up in a tiny miniskirt and smoking non-stop, Madison reportedly spent the funeral figuring out "the amount of magazines she was in ... Jimmy was on his knees with tears staining his shirt, and she was showing pictures of herself." Gee, and I'm sure he expected so much more when he hooked up with a chick fully 1/3 of his age.
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