Not a whole lot of juicy new happenings have fallen out of the horror machine recently, so (since I'm bored and they pay me to blog) I thought I'd just share a couple of small-sized exclusives from the Bloody-Disgusting boys.

1. Brace yourselves: Sony's slapping together another direct-to-video semi-sequel. This time it's The Craft that gets the unwanted little sister. Yep, that flick about teenage witches who do very little with their evil powers besides torture boys, color their hair and fight with one another. No word yet on whether Fairuza Balk will be returning to play "that creepy witch girl who lives down the street," but I'm guessing she might.

2. More word from Sonyville's Horror Department: Apparently there's all sorts of problems with the mildly-anticipated The Grudge 2, and also big buckets of reshoots being done on The Pang Brothers' The Messengers as well. (Y'know, between Ghost House (The Grudge, Boogeyman) and Dark Castle (Gothika, House of Wax) I don't think they've put together one completely solid horror movie yet. What gives?)

3. Speaking of Dark Castle movies that probably aren't any good, WB rescheduledThe Reaping's release for next March. Oh, and (as mentioned earlier) both Lucky McKee's The Woods and John Gulager's Feast have earned DVD dates, cover art and copious supplemental doo-hickeys.

Thanks to and Dread Central for the terrifiying tidbits.
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