No, Warner Bros. hasn't discovered a pair of genius filmmakers in Warsaw. Instead, the studio has extended its relationship with Mark and Michael Polish, a writer-director team that just happens to consist of identical twins. The brothers first got attention in 1999 with their debut feature, Twin Falls Idaho, in which they starred as Siamese twins. The film was well-reviewed, and praised by Roger Ebert for its willingness to discard a focused plot in favor of "meditation on the situation of its characters." Though the years since then have been somewhat lean for the Polishes -- Jackpot (made for $400,000) and Northfork received mixed reviews and were barely seen -- their upcoming feature The Astronaut Farmer has a cast full of stars, and is so well-regard by WB that they've shifted its distribution from Warner Independent to Warner proper, and will be giving it a wide release early next year.

Clearly WB has confidence in the brothers, so much so that it just bought two new projects from them (both of which will be co-written and co-produced by Mark and Michael with the latter directing, as is the case with all their collaborations). The first, entitled Loot, is "a heist movie set in Middle America that a follows a group of blue-collar workers who pull off jobs during tornado season." The second, which sounds completely awesome, is called How Time Flies, and "is a cause-and-effect look at a world where time travel becomes accessible to the common man and how fragile reality can become." Given the style and content of the brothers' projects to this point, it's likely How Time Flies will focus much more on emotions and personalities than the sci-fi side of the story, which means the movie could be something very original (!) indeed.
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