The time has come, I'm afraid, to just accept that there is no stopping a Wayans. No matter how much of a stinkirritatedmovie-goers and film critics put up, they will always be with us, making their movies and earning their money. Every last one of them. At this point, I think we just have to stop worrying about it, and give them credit for hanging around -- especially when they manage to keep getting studios to make movies that sounds so thunderingly moronic. Take, for example, Marlon's latest. Just reacquired by DreamWorks, it's called Pretty Ugly (Oh I get it -- an oxymoron! So clever!), and is "about a handsome lifestyle mogul who wakes up hideously ugly because of a curse. As a result he must discover his inner beauty to save his company and win over the woman he loves." Oh, look -- cliches! (And what the hell is a lifestyle mogul?) Needless to say, Marlon himself will be developing, producing and starring in the film, though there's no indication yet of DreamWorks' schedule for the project.

Edit: The picture is now of the Wayans in question, not just a member of the clan. Thanks, Tanya.
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