Last week, the LA Times featured an article called, "Did the Snakes Hiss Too Soon." Based on this weekend's box office numbers (and having nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that yours truly is -- ahem -- mentioned in the article), I'm wondering if the film's "genius" marketing campaign ultimately ruined its chances of making any kind of serious money.

In the last Monday Morning Poll, I asked you how much money Snakes on a Plane would make in its opening weekend. Most of you went nuts with that figure, spitting out extremely high numbers ($40-50 million). Well, the little film that couldn't took home a heck of a lot less. But, why? As the LA Times article ponders: Did the hype peak too soon? Was the marketing geared towards a certain type of individual, thus eliminating a huge audience? With the film hitting theaters this late in summer, are people simply tired of the crap?

So, I ask you: Why did Snakes on a Plane tank at the box office?