A few month ago, we reported the exciting news that a film version of Michael Chabon'sThe Mysteries of Pittsburgh was in the works. (For those of you not familiar with the book, it's a coming-of-age story set in Pittsburgh during the 1980s, and focuses on Art Bechstein and the unconventional group of friends he makes during his last summer "of his youth.") At that time, Sienna Miller, Peter Sarsgaard and Max Minghella were already signed to star in the film, with Minghella playing Bechstein. It looks, however, as if things have changed: Production Weekly is reporting that Jon Foster (known primarily for his work on NBC's summer series Windfall, and a starring role in Stay Alive) is now playing Bechstein, and there's no indication of what might have happened to Minghella. The PW story also reveals that Mena Suvari has joined the cast in the role of Phlox, a "worldly, exotic, and slightly eccentric" member of Bechstein's posse.

The movie is slated to go into production in early September under the direction of screenwriter Rawson Marshall Thurber.
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