• Duygu Asena(1946-2006) - Turkish author and women's rights advocate whose novel Kadinin Adi Yok was adapted into a hit film (in Turkey). She died July 30th of a brain tumor, in Ankara, Turkey.
  • Shiv Dayal Batish(1914-2006) - Indian musician and singer who performed music for Help! and is credited on some Indian films as a playback singer. He died July 29th, in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Alan Bell(1931-2006) - Sound editor who worked on The Last Emperor, The Whales of August, Erik the Viking and Sirens, among many others. He died August 5th, in Cornwall, England.
  • Lee Roy Davis (1955-2006) - High school football player who was on the team portrayed in Remember the Titans. He died of multiple myeloma on July 31st, in Knightdale, North Carolina.
  • Mick Dillon(1926-2006) - Jockey, stunt man and actor. He stood in for Buster Keaton in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and doubled for Ringo Starr in Help!. He also did stunts for You Only Live Twice and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and appeared in How I Won the War and Champions. He died July 23rd.
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