Late last week, IESB reported on some interesting Star Trek XI rumors via one of their "unnamed studio sources" who, supposedly, is involved in the movie in some way. As far as this next Trek installment goes, so far we know J.J. Abrams is onboard as director, and that they're planning on taking a trip back to the early days of Kirk and Spock, catching up with the boys while they begin their Academy training.

Now, amidst reports that Matt Damon is up for the role of a young Captain Kirk, comes a bit more regarding plot and vision, as well as what part (if any) the Trekkies will play in the overall decision-making. And, if you are said Trekkie, you may not like the following statement: According to their "inside" source, "Trek fans were not able to keep the last show (Enterprise) on the air and we are looking on bringing over Alias and Lost fans. And if the old Trekkies like the new movie, great -- if not, too bad. We have to boldly go where no Star Trek has gone before."

Hey, I understand they want to re-invent the franchise, but to totally shut out fans like that -- I don't know -- it just seems wrong. Granted, this is not J.J. Abrams talking, but I'm starting to worry this film will resemble an episode of Alias and not Star Trek. Thoughts?

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