Recent Theatricals

Just My Luck (Fox) -- Another piece of Lohanpiffle. (two featurettes, three deleted scenes)

Phat Girlz (Fox) -- In which obesity is mocked and applauded in equal measure. (director commentary, deleted scenes, three featurettes, blooper reel)

Poseidon (WB) -- Just like the first one, only with a lot less character development and a lot more CGI. (three featurettes)

Silent Hill (Sony) -- This one guy has a pyramid on his head, omg it's soooo creepy. (featurette)

Foreign, Arty & Limited

Film Geek (First Run) -- Shouldn't I get, like, residuals from this movie? (two featurettes, outtakes, etc.)

Sketches of Frank Gehry
(Sony) -- Filmmaker Sydney Pollack gives us the scoop on his good pal Gehry, one of the most successful architects of the past several years. (director Q&A)