It's time once again for the Weekend Film Blog Round-up, where we take a peek around some of my fave film blogs to see what's going on ...

  • Over at Hollywood Elsewhere, Jeff Wells (who is so dedicated -- or so insane -- he was blogging from the hospital, where he was getting IV antibiotics for an exacto knife cut gone very bad) has an interesting bit up about Rupert Everett uniting with his neighbors to keep Starbucks out of their neighborhood. There's an interesting discussion going on in the comments which has ended up heading down the path of Western Imperialism and capitalism.
  • Chris Gore at Film Threat ponders what the world would be like with no movie theaters.
  • Nikki Finke gives the lowdown on Snakes on a Plane's less-than-stellar box office take this weekend, and wonders what the world is coming to when so many otherwise-reputable actors are lining up to do horror.
  • David Poland is also all over the Snakes box office, and gives his take on the rest of the weekend box office -- like, for instance, why did anyone think Material Girls needed to be made? Anyone? Anyone?
  • Stopping in on Lost in Negative Space, Peet Gelderblom, my favorite Dutch film blogger, shares his favorite faces with you.
  • Over at The Horror Blog, this week's Horror Roundtable is "Name your favourite cinematic animal attack." Birds and spiders and mutant dogs ... so many to choose from -- what's your pick? While you're there, if you have lots of free time you might want to check out Steven's podcast of him and some friends roleplaying Snakes on a Plane.
  • And last, but certainly not least, a pick from the film blog grab bag: A site I've just added to my favorites, Blank Screen, "New York's Home for Film Nerds." If you're a New Yorker, and you love film, Blank Screen will keep you hopped up on all the cinema you can handle. This site is like a drug pusher for film addicts, always teasing with little tidbits of cool cinematic happenings in the Big Apple, just to get you hooked and begging for more. Of course, since I'm in Seattle, all this does is give me the film jones, but I still like reading about all the NY film stuff just to torture myself, especially when I'm feeling all artsy and depressed. Go check out all what all the hip film geeks were up to over the weekend, so you can be green with envy too.