Man, I am so confused. Doing a search for "Outlander" returns a slew of results about a time-travel/romance series (and, based on this article about them at Salon by "a brainy guy ... [who] wound up reading historical romance novels and loving them," I'm perilously close to buying the things), which I don't think has anything to do with the Weinstein Company's movie of the same name. The latter seems to focus primarily on an alien, first of all, and you'd think that if there were aliens in the books, someone would have mentioned that in one of the reviews at Amazon. Right? It's just that whole both-about-sci-fi thing that's throwing me off. I will, however, move forward on the assumption that, apart from their title, the two things are totally unrelated. (Though I have to admit I sort of hope I'm wrong, because a time traveling, alien romance would be awesome, if only in a car-wreck sort of way.)

The non-romance Outlander, which has been in pre-production for what feels like several lifetimes, is described as a sci-fi epic about "a human-like alien [who] crashes on Earth in 509 AD [and] inadvertently releases a horrible monster that he must destroy with the help of a barbaric Viking tribe." Dude. That sounds simultaneously awful and totally fantastic -- and apparently the idea sprung entirely from the heads of screenwriters Howard McCain and Dirk Blackman, who just might be completely insane (one hopes so, anyway).

McCain will direct, and the film is scheduled to begin shooting in October; Karl Urban is in talks to star, and Patrick Tatopoulos (Silent Hill, I, Robot, Independence Day) has been tasked with creating the monster.
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