Doug Jones has been making ridiculously thinly veiled hints about taking on the role of the Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel. Due to ongoing contract negotiations, Jones has been unable to officially announce his role in the film, but he sure has been suggestive about the part. The general consensus from the geek community is very positive regarding the potential appointment, and director Tim Story himself commented on it recently, but even he was not straightforward about the deal.

A tipster to AICN met our boy Doug at his local comic book store, and asked Jones about the part. Jones told the tipster contracts were being signed and he would be in Canada in three weeks to begin shooting. No clever wordplay or disguised comments anymore, just an up front acknowledgment of the role. So we can finally stop pretending like it isn't official, and just call Mr. Jones the Surfer. Keep in mind, this just means he'll be doing the bodywork for overlaid CGI effects from WETA, there's no promise yet of voice work as far as I am aware. But at least he's in there, and putting Doug Jones in your geek movie -- especially teamed with WETA -- gives it an instant boost in my opinion.
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