A week or so ago, I shared with you some of the big plot points for Del Toro's recently picked up (yes!) Hellboy 2 flick. The ever-impressive Latino Review got their hands on a full draft of the script, so even more details are now floating around for our enlightenment. I'm not going to bother repeating the plot details -- you can read the post linked above for that -- I'm just going to jump right into the new tidbits with the aid of my ever-beloved bullet points. SPOILER HATERS BEWARE, THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS NOTHING BUT SPOILERS.
  • Abe Sapien gets much more screen time, to the great joy of yours truly. Doug Jones is a popular guy these days.
  • There will be some monstrous new sets, including a troll market, Yokai spirits in in Tokyo and a dragon attacking Moscow. Yes, friends, a dragon. Among my greatest dreams in the modern effects-laden movie era is to see as many dragons on screen as possible. I'm sure this one will look fantastic.
  • Other battles will include Hellboy fighting a five story tree elemental (on the Brooklyn Bridge, if you are curious), and the Golden Army tearing apart a human army. As well they should.
  • Latino Review promises the movie serves up more action before the opening credits role than most films this year have in their entirety. The script apparently flows from battle to battle, only letting up for moments of very well-written character development.
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