Did you know that Kiefer Sutherland co-owns an independent music label? I had no idea. For those of you as blissfully clueless as myself, it's called Ironworks Music and has a small stable of artists (meaning two, according to Variety), including one Rocco DeLuca and his band, The Burden. DeLuca and The Burden recently complete an international tour on which they were accompanied by both Kiefer The Road Manager and documentarian Manu Boyer; the resulting film, I Trust You to Kill Me (also the name of DeLuca's album), was picked up for US distribution by First Independent Pictures.

The film -- which scored a great review from Variety earlier this year -- "Deftly [mixes] alternating tracks of playful rowdiness, thoughtful introspection, ferociously slamming rock and not-so-quiet desperation," and will debut in New York on September 8. The following week it will be released in LA, and will hit SF on September 29.
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