I'm back, faithful readers. After a delightful week in the Caribbean with the Geek Beat Gal, I have returned to my laptop to pound out another edition of the wildly loved (well ... by me anyway) Geek Beat. Before I break into today's topic, let me quickly address the reply to my recent "Movies to Date By" column.

Boy did we get a good list. Over 80 movies were suggested by readers, and while either Holly or I had seen a good majority of them, there were at least 60 or so we had not watched together, which makes them great date-experiment fodder. I've compiled a nice little list, and we're busy deciding exactly what to do with it. I'll be sure to let you know my plans for sharing the results with you soon -- and once we get through the list, a prize or two will be awarded for the top suggestions.

On to today's topic: Heath Ledger. When the announcement of Ledger's casting as the Joker in Nolan's Batman sequel The Dark Knight first broke, I had no legitimate opinion to share, but I promised one as soon as I had time to figure out what it was. I've been sitting on that thought for several weeks now, trying to settle my mind on the prospect of Ledger as The Clown Prince of Crime. It didn't sit well with the community at first blush, and it hasn't exactly gained steam in the meantime. After a number of days thinking on it, my entirely personal opinion is one of cautious optimism. Let me explain.

First, you should know I'm an optimistic guy at heart. I've been very accurately described in the past as a cynical optimist, although I'm not entirely sure of what that means. So keep it in mind when you dissect my thoughts for what they are worth to you.

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