Odds and ends from Monday:

  • So, it appears telekinetic powers are a hot commodity in Hollywood these days. First there was Doug Liman's, Jumper, and now Nick Stahl and Taryn Manning have signed on to The Speed of Thought. Pic focuses on a "scoper" (Stahl) who helps the government by utilizing his powers, even after he's told they are part of a disease and will ultimately drive him insane. Somewhere along the way he meets a woman (Manning) with similar telekinetic abilities, and the two team up to find out what's really going on. [via Empire]
  • Even though Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence has come on to direct the upcoming Fletch Won, leaving most to assume Zach Braff would soon follow and sign on to play Fletch himself, the actor has yet to sign on the dotted line. In an interview with IESB, Braff notes, ""No I am not definitely doing Fletch Won, I am thinking about it but I am not definitely signed on." But, why? Personally, I think there are better Flecth's (ahem, Jason Lee) out there, though there's no denying the chemistry between Lawrence and Braff. What do you think? Will he sign?
  • While speaking to press at the Edinburgh Film Festival, Steven Soderbergh admitted that Ocean's Thirteen will indeed be the last and final Ocean's-related film. In fact, the only reason they're even doing an Ocean's Thirteen is because George Clooney was upset with Ocean's Twelve (he thought it was too complicated) and wanted to revive the comedic aspect from the first film. Hey, that's cool -- but what if no one finds Ocean's Thirteen funny? Will George want to keep making them until they get it right? [via Coming Soon]
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