Feel free to say I'm "out of the loop" on this whole thing, but I just read about this story today. And, for those of you who, like me, had no flipping idea who Guy Goma is or was, well, his story is fantastic. But is said story worth an entire film?

A little background: Guy Goma is a man who wanted a job. After applying to work as an accountant for the BBC, they called him in for an interview. While he was sitting in the waiting room, some producer jumped out and grabbed him, thinking Goma was Guy Kewney, editor of Newswireless.net. See, Kewney was supposed to appear on TV to talk about a court case involving Apple Computer and The Beatles' record label, Apple. Long story short: They got the wrong Guy. And, what followed was a hilarious on-air interview with a dude who had no idea what was going on, yet managed to answer the questions in a somewhat intelligent way.

Now, producer Alison Rosenzweig (Windtalkers) wants to turn the entire incident (which, apparently, garnered a ton of attention across the pond) into a movie. She's currently searching for a studio to back the project. Okay, it's got a great beginning, but there's no way this story has enough juice to carry an entire film. I'm curious: How do you Brits feel about this?

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