This should come as no big surprise: I have kind of a crush on Angela Bettis. It was her beautifully askew performance in Lucky McKee'sMay that pushed me over the deep end, but the young actress has done some really fine work elsewhere: a small turn in James Mangold'sGirl, Interrupted, the only sign of life in Chuck Russell'sBless the Child, and a really fantastic Carrie White in the mini-series of King's Carrie. Plus she was in that Toolbox Murders remake that was actually rather fun.

So obviously I'm a Bettis fan, and not just because she's strangely (very) sexy and dabbles mainly in the horror department. Her next flick will be Scar, which Production Weekly describes as a hi-def 3-D project about a young woman who returns to her home town only to be haunted by some seriously horrific memories. Jed Weintrob will be directing from a script by first-timer Zack Ford. Scar begins production in Calagary on October 3rd.

Ms. Bettis also provides the voice of the title character in The Woods, which (finally) hits the market on ... October 3rd!
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