Though no one at Cruise/Wagner Productions was available for comment when Paramount announced they were dumping the duo -- at least in part because company partner Tom Cruise's "recent conduct has not been acceptable" -- they're talking now. And, not surprisingly, no one at C/W is very happy with how things went down. Paula Wagner herself characterized the above comment by Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone as "outrageous and disrespectful," while Cruise's agent (and Wagner's husband) Rick Nicita described Redstone's words as "shockingly offensive and graceless." Not only did she denounce Redstone's behavior, but Wagner went on the say that Cruise was in fact the one who broke off negotiations with Paramount last week. According to Wagner, she and Cruise have already "raised a revolving fund of $100 million from two hedge funds" to financing future projects. Also, his agents told the press that Cruise has already decided on his next starring role (What? Why has no one told us about this?), and is currently in negotiations with a studio home for the film.

Take that, Sumner.
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