When MTV sat down with James Franco shortly after the actor came off the set of Sam Raimi's next Spider-Man movie, they asked him what he'd be shooting next. His answer? Spider-Man 3. Franco told MTV that Raimi has decided the flick needs to be more action-packed, and so he "put out the call" for some reshoots, which will take Franco back to the Spidey set in September.

Spider-Man3 was already promising a lot of action, what with stuffing three major villains into a single two hour film. Since one of the chief delights of seeing everyone's favorite wall crawler on the silver screen is certainly the opportunity to watch Spidey in action, one can hardly worry about Raimi wanting to add yet more action into the flick. Despite a few minor quibbles with plot devices, I've really enjoyed the first two flicks, so I'm willing to give Raimi my full trust by now. An action-packed Spider-Man 3 should be a good Spider-Man 3.

P.S. Just don't remind me about Gwen Stacy.
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