Yes, I feel old: Brendan Fraser (that's Link to you) just got a gig as a father -- another one. This time he's Mo, a bookbinder with the ability to bring characters in books to life simply reading aloud about them. Jeez, how cool is that? And can he come over and read Middlemarch to me, so Will Ladislaw will come to life and move in? Anyway, once Mo discovers his talent by accidentally bringing some seriously bad dudes to life, he steadfastly refuses to read to his 12-year-old daughter (Which is weird, really -- why not just read books about the sort of people he wants her to hang out with?). But when the evil characters he brought into the world kidnap his daughter in an effort to force him to read aloud about "an immortal monster" who will help the bad guys win, all hell breaks loose. And yes, the children's book on which the movie is based (both are called Inkheart) is part of a trilogy. Why do you ask?

Iain Softley (who I will always love for making the bizarre duo of Backbeat and Hackers back-to-back) is directing; New Line is aiming for a fall start.
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