Look, I know we don't talk much about anime around here. Mostly this is because there isn't a lot of anime making it into theaters, and when you write for a site called Cinematical, it limits your ability to write about things not technically, you know, cinema related. I am not an anime guru on par with some of you -- I can't name every series created in the past 30 years and which studio they came from -- but I am more familiar with it than most of the West. It comes with the geek territory, after all. If I were to make a list of anime I'd really like to see in some incarnation on the big screen, you'd find Full Metal Alchemist right near the top. And aren't I the lucky boy, because the American release of Full Metal Alchemist (on DVD in September) is going to be preceded by a brief theatrical run. That's right, FMA on the big screen right here in the states. Sucker even got a write-up in The New York Times! I know many of you die-hards have already seen the flick thanks to the magic of fan subs ... and truth be told I am firmly on the 'sub' side in the 'sub' vs 'dub' debate, but it is hard to argue with a theatrical release of FMA regardless of language.
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