Prior to shooting his directorial debut, Keep Coming Back, William H. Macy (who, I'm convinced, has found a way to duplicate himself, seeing as he shows up in every freaking movie) has signed on to star opposite Lisa Kudrow in a romantic comedy called The Deal. (Yeah, I'm thinking the same exact thing: Macy and Kudrow in a romantic comedy? That doesn't seem right.)

Based on the novel by Peter Lefcourt (and a script co-written by Macy), pic revolves around a suicidal movie producer (Macy) who, while down in the dumps, attempts to throw together a big-budget biopic on the life of Benjamin Disraeli, starring a popular African-American action star. When the lead actor is abducted and the production falls into chaos, this doomed producer teams up with a "beleaguered creative head" to "concoct a radical new scheme to make their own picture on their own terms -- a bootleg production that could win them an Oscar -- or a prison term."

Heck, it sounds like a lot of fun, though I've never been crazy about Lisa Kudrow. (Don't ask me why, but I think it has something to do with her annoying voice.) The Deal starts filming this October in Bucharest, and will be directed by Steven Schacter, who teamed up with Macy on the TV movies Door to Door and The Wool Cap.

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