Universal's Rogue Pictures just signed its second deal for a Devil's Due Publishing comics series. Earlier this year, they bought the rights to Hack/Slash, a series "about a woman who hunts down slashers," and now they've picked up the features right to Devil's Due's The Lost Squad, a five-issue series that only start about a year ago. According to Variety, The Lost Squad "chronicles the adventures of a ragtag unit of Allied soldiers who fight Hitler's occult agents and other supernatural threats during WWII." Anyone read these? I assume they're dark and violent (which is good), and also just may offer us another chance to see Nazis zombies on screen, which is something that should always be embraced.

Like Hack/Slash, The Lost Squad will be produced by Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter. At this juncture, it looks likely that Hack/Slash will be made first, since it's currently being written (and will be directed) by Todd Lincoln.
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