One of the first films I ever watched with surround-sound in a movie theater was the original Mortal Kombat. Back then, I was one of many teenagers obsessed with playing the video game, squaring off against my best buddies in an attempt to pull off some sick and twisted fight move. And so, when the film came out, my friends and I were among the first to attend a midnight showing. Talk about an extreme moviegoing experience -- the freaking sound on that puppy nearly blew us all away.

While I never managed to catch the sequel, I'm sure all you Mortal Kombat nuts will be happy to hear they're taking chances on a third installment. Tentatively titled, Mortal Kombat: Devastation, it appears the folks in charge want to go the prequel route, focusing in on an unlikely hero -- Sub-Zero. Apparently, they want to dig deep into the past, back when Sub-Zero was a good guy, and not some blue-masked dude out to freeze all those who stand in his way.

However, according to the Unofficial Mortal Kombat 3 website, actor Robin Shou (who plays Liu Kang in both Kombat pics) isn't so happy about the news and will not be reprising his role in a third film. Says Shou, "Apparently, Sub-Zero will be the new hero. How'd that come about? Nobody knows. As if my character never existed. I haven't read the script but the word out there was... bad." Okay, not for nothing, but the other two Mortal Kombat script were, um good?

[via Moviehole]

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