Tom Cruise

Is it me, or was today an exceptionally jam-packed day for strange movie news? The biggest story: Tom Cruise and Paramount announced that they're parting ways after 14 years and about $1 billion in profits. While Paramount claims they're giving Tom the boot because of his erratic behavior, this doesn't completely gel with the fact that they've been trying to renegotiate his deal for over a year -- plus, the eccentric behavior began two years ago before 'War of the Worlds,' Cruise's biggest box office success to date. Regardless, this break-up is huge. Despite the negative press of late, Cruise remains one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and a huge box office draw. Let the studio bidding war for his services begin.

Not nearly as important -- but far more entertaining -- are two other tidbits. First, it appears that an idiot (or perhaps idiots, plural) unleashed two live diamondback rattlesnakes in a Phoenix, Arizona, theater showing 'Snakes on a Plane' this past Friday. Thankfully, the only injury sustained was to the integrity of the pranksters. And second, Owen Wilson got an eyeful of British bosom when a woman flashed her breasts at him outside the London premiere of 'You, Me and Dupree.' Strangely, the same thing happens to me every time I visit London. Must be how they welcome Americans.

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