Some pranksters in Arizona have taken the William Castle approach too far by making Snakes on a Plane a hands-on snakes-on experience. The unidentified culprits released two diamondback rattlesnakes into an auditorium showing the movie and the crowd went into a panic. Obviously. I'll admit that while I'm not scared of flying or of snakes, and I'm certainly not afraid of going to the movies, if I saw even a non-venomous snake slithering up the aisle while I was watching SoaP, I would be so freaked out that I probably would have a tough time entering a theater again. The movie is anything but scary (though I do now have a fear of getting a heel in the ear), but those poor people at the AMC Desert Ridge are going to have some serious nightmares. Thankfully nobody was injured, including the snakes, which were caught and then released into the desert.

Update: is reporting that there was only one baby rattlesnake and that it likely slithered into the theater on its own. Also it was found in the hallway not in the auditorium.