Just about every movie studio bangs out a handful of Direct-to-Video titles every year, but Warner Bros. is about to get pretty serious about the practice. They even went and promoted someone to head up the new Warner Premiere department! (Yes, they need a president and a staff in order to bring Dukes of Hazzard 2 to your Netflix queue.)

Former Executive Vice-President of WB's Global Brand Management Division (and hottie) Diane Nelson has been named head of Warner's new Premiere division, which will kick off next spring with Dukes 2 and then continue to churn out inevitably inferior (yet unquestionably profitable) video sequels until we're all long dead and gone. So to those of you who were desperately praying for titles like Racing Stripes 2, Must Still Love Dogs, The Whole 11 Yards, GVT: Grind vs. Torque, and Son of Kangaroo Jack -- your prayers have been answered in the form of Diane Nelson.

OK, snark aside, I've been waiting a long time for someone to come along and say "Y'know... DTV titles don't necessarily HAVE to be cheap, chintzy, terrible movies" -- and it sure doesn't look like that person's going to be employed by Sony, Disney, MGM, Fox or Universal. So congrats and good luck to Ms. Nelson on her new promotion. Here's hoping she has something in her back pocket that's more promising than Dukes of Hazzard freakin' 2.
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