Andre Braugher is a mystery man currently when it comes to Tim Story's upcoming Fantastic Four sequel. We have no idea what he'll be doing in the second movie translation of The World's Greatest Comic Magazine -- but we know he'll be in there somewhere, because of a Variety article about Forest Whitaker taking a guest role on TV's E.R. Stick with me here, it'll make sense eventually. Whitaker will be in a "multi-episode story arc" for E.R. this season as a stroke patient, but he was not the original choice for the role. Instead, he will be replacing ... you guessed it ... Andre Braugher, who had to back out of his original commitment to the show so he can "co-star" (their word, not mine) in the new Four flick.

Co-star? Not a bad gig to land, although it makes you wonder who he'll be playing. Definitely a step up in the world from "hospital patient who has a stroke." Stay tuned to Cinematical for further updates as they become available.
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