Okay, raise your hand if Rudy is among your favorite movies of all time. (Hell yeah, you bet my hand is raised!) Heck, I'm not even a huge football fan, but there's something about that film -- the emotion, the heart -- that leaves me in tears once the credits start rolling. I've always thought Sean Astin was a good actor, though it seemed as if he could never land a big film. That is, until Peter Jackson took a chance and cast him in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We love you Sam!

Astin followed up the monster blockbuster trilogy with a string of lesser-known films -- because that's how he rolls. Hey, I'm sure he's glad to be working, but how come we can't give this guy some bigger parts? For God's sake, it's Rudy! Anyway, Astin has just signed on for a lead role in Forever Strong, returning once again to a sports-themed flick. Pic revolves around a troubled youth (Sean Faris) who, in order to stay out of juvenile detention, must help coach a rugby team. To everyone's surprise, said team travels to the National Championship where our main character must face the toughest coach yet ... his father. Unfortunately, Astin will not be handling a ball this time -- instead, he'll be playing a social worker.

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