Jake Gyllenhaal

It's no secret that Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong have become best pals as of late. Pretty much every celeb-oriented Web site has pictures of them cycling together. And in the case of McConaughey and Armstrong, there are even some priceless photographic gems of them pretending to be Slider and Maverick in 'Top Gun,' aka flexing their pecs for the ladies while playing some volleyball on the beach in Miami.

What you may find surprising is that while McConaughey was long thought to be the frontrunner to play Armstrong in an upcoming biopic about the champion cycler's triumphant battle with testicular cancer, a bevy of reputable sources are now buzzing that Gyllenhaal will be the one jumping into Spandex and make-believe winning some Tours de France. Is this rumor true? Only time will tell. Until then, hold onto your Spandex and keep on cyclin'.

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