There have long been rumors about the fate of the Spider-Man movie franchise after the third film. After all, it becomes difficult to keep original actors around after three contracted movies, and Sam Raimi is surely going to be interested in pursuing other projects at some point. When Bryce Dallas Howard was added to the Spider-Man 3 cast as old Spidey girlfriend Gwen Stacy, it fueled speculation that Stacy would to replace MJ (in an odd reversal of comic book stories) due to actress Kirsten Dunst's desire to leave the franchise.

Well you can throw another log or two onto the speculative fires, because series producer and Marvel exec Kevin Feige recently addressed the issue head-on during an MTV interview. His words? "There will be many more Spider-Man films to come." Feige went on to say there were already "stacks" of ideas for the fourth film, and the franchise could live on for fifty films if it had to, because of the wealth of stories from the comics. This is entirely true, although I'm sure we can all think of a few comic book story arcs we'd really like to see them stay away from. The big issue at this point is Tobey Maguire, as there are no guarantees of his return. Marvel may think they can roll the franchise on without him, but it'd be a very dangerous gamble.
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