After Michael Bay and his gang of merry studio lawyers spent some time desperately battling internet fanboys hell-bent on leaking any and all Transformers information, it now seems they've let their guard down and are giving the fans what they want.

Last week, writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci sat down for a live webcast and revealed the names of all robots included in next summer's blockbuster films. And, shortly after the webcast, a slew of robot pics hit the net, including images of Bumblebee, as well as supposed toy prototypes for Optimus Prime, Blackout and Scorponok. However, missing in action was the film's number one bad guy, Megatron. Well, the good folks over at AICN have just gotten their hands on some wicked photos of Megatron and, well, I think they speak for themselves. Regardless of whether this will be the final look for Megatron, it certainly seems Bay and Co. are heading in the right direction. Thoughts?

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