According to a documentary blog on the Toronto International Film Festival website, Michael Moore will be at the Festival, offering tastes of not one but two new films. Who knew he was even working on two projects? The first, which we've been hearing about for ages (indeed, it was originally scheduled for a September 2006 release), is Sicko, Moore's exposé on the American healthcare system. According to the people at TIFF, the Sicko promotion will be in the form of a "teaser" (and if that's not "teaser" as in a substantial hunk of film, as opposed to the 30-second, pre-trailer placeholders we see for films that are a long way off, there's going to be hell to pay). In addition to something from Sicko, however, Moore will also be screening some footage from a work-in-progress he's calling The Great 04 Slacker Uprising, a film described as "a scrappy road trip movie following his two months of daily campaigning against George W. Bush in the 2004 election." Hmm. Could this be the film that was being called Fahrenheit 9/11½, or is that something else entirely? Either way, the man's been busy -- no wonder he's been so uncharacteristically quiet.