In case you can't get to a theater showing Monster Housein 3-D before it disappears, don't worry. The computer-animated movie is getting a two-week re-release right before it comes out on DVD. On October 6th, Sony Pictures will re-open the movie on 100 3-D screens, and I implore you to celebrate the Halloween month by going to see it in that format. I finally caught up with the movie this week and not only was amazed by the new 3-D technology, but also loved the film itself.

Since it has a witty script that appeals to adults as well as children, Monster House will be good enough on your 2-D television -- but why would you want to miss out on the experience that is available to you while it lasts? The best thing about the 3-D is that it isn't a gimmick, and the movie doesn't feature otherwise unnecessary pop-out shots that only exist because of the technology. Instead it is more subtle, and therefore less distracting. At times I took notice of the picture's visual depth and at one time I almost thought there was actual smoke sifting through the auditorium, but otherwise, I was immersed enough in the story that the 3-D stuff wasn't blatantly apparent. In a good way. Like in the way that really good acting, directing, writing, scoring and editing shouldn't be too obvious.

Okay, I'll stop gushing. Go see it.

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