I didn't fall into the target demographic for Invincible: I wasn't a football fan and never quite understood all the fuss about Mark Wahlberg. A guy sitting next to me at the screening was an avid fan of both ... and fell asleep 20 minutes into the film. After the movie, he pronounced the movie "slow, until the ending." I may have enjoyed Invincible more than he did, but a big part of that had to do with a newly discovered enjoyment of watching Wahlberg on a very superficial level.

It was a surprise to me to find Wahlberg actually, well, attractive. I didn't like his performance in The Italian Job -- he had the onscreen presence of a block of wood -- although he was more tolerable in Three Kings. (People keep telling me I should see Boogie Nights, and one of these days I'll listen to them.) Wahlberg seems to improve as he grows older; the lines in his face add character and interest, and he looks more like an actual person. He's well-cast and believable in Invincible as South Philly football hero Vince Papale. Even the shaggy Seventies haircut suits him. (I've never seen the real-life Papale so I can't tell if there's an actual resemblance.)