Two-time Oscar-winner Olivia de Havilland just turned 90 years old. She's well-known as the only surviving star (though not actor) of Gone With the Wind, and got a standing ovation for attending the 75th Academy Awards a few years ago -- but she's been in retirement since 1988. Now she's considering a comeback role as Brooke Astor, the 104-year-old philanthropist and widow of Vincent Astor who now suffers from Alzheimer's and anemia, and is currently the subject of a legal battle between her son and her grandson regarding her welfare.

According to The Daily Express, a script has been written and Meryl Streep is interested in the role of Astor's daughter, Charlene. Now the production is just waiting on de Havilland. If she returns to the screen, it will be the first film role since 1979's The Fifth Musketeer (she did some TV work afterward and even won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Emmy). Because the Oscars are obsessed with legends, I'm thinking that the role could get her another nod if she decides to do it.
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