It looks like those ridiculous rumors that had Peter Jackson directing the new Jackie Chan/Let Li movie (aka The J&J Plan) have turned out to be false. No way! Seriously? However, when I tell you this latest news, you may revert back to the Jackson rumors, stir up some magic potion and pray to that guy who sells wishes on the street -- this one ain't looking so good.

According to Monkey Peaches via the Chinese newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily, Rob Minkoff has been hired to helm the pic. Yes, they're giving a film that stars two of today's great martial arts experts to the dude who directed Stuart Little, The Lion King and The Haunted Mansion. Oh, but it's okay -- supposedly, TheJ&J Plan is primarily a kid flick. What? Why? Valium, please?

Tell me if I'm out of line here, but why in the world would you bring Jackie Chan and Jet Li together for a kids movie? Does this now mean the ass-kicking will be light, fluffy and, well, boring?

[via Moviehole]

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