You're a Lionsgate executive who's desperately searching for a way in which to get butts into the seats for a movie called Crank, so you hatch a rather clever plan: Take the opening scene from a movie that's a guaranteed hit, and promise to play the clip in front of a movie that's ... not ... a guaranteed hit.

Yep, word of out Lionsgateville is that if you buy a ticket to see Jason Statham in Crank, you'll also be treated to the opening scene from Saw 3 -- at no extra cost! Crank, which looks like it could have been called Transporter 3: Final Delivery, is about a guy who's been injected with a horrific poison that'll kill him if his adrenalin level drops too low, and so he spends his final day wreaking havoc on his murderers while doing whatever he can to keep that adrenalin flowing. Sounds a little like D.O.A. meets Trainspotting, plus it stars the awesomely bald bad-ass known as Jason Statham, so I say Crank could possibly be a pretty good time at the multiplex. (The trailer sure isn't short on adrenalin, at any rate.)

And if the hardcore horror nuts happen to buy a few extra Crank tickets just to see the Saw 3 clip, well that'd be an example of a pretty clever marketing technique. Crank, which also stars Amy Smart and Efren Ramirez, opens on September 1st. The inevitably torture-laden Saw 3 opens on October 27th. (Ah, and that trailer has recently moved into new digs at Quicktime. Enjoy.)

UPDATE: is reporting that the MPAA has a major problem with the clip, so forget the whole thing...
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