As a big fan of Kevin Smith and a ridiculous geek for all things horror-related, I'd expect the combination of the two to be a bona-fide fun-fest ... and yet I'm a little skeptical. I've no doubt that Kevin Smith could write a fine horror film ... but direct one? Ah well, the guy's given me a big sweaty fistful of enjoyable movies, so I'm happy to give Silent Bob the benefit of the doubt on this one.

After arriving in Australia to hype Clerks 2 (U.S. DVD date: December 5th), Mr. Smith sat down with a bunch of round-tablers, many of whom were ready with questions like "Hey, what's up with you doing a horror movie?" The fan-favorite flick-maker explained that he's always been a horror geek, and also that his terror tale will NOT be laced with kookiness. After expressing some love for Shaun of the Dead, Smith said he simply wants to make a straightforward horror movie.

Smith cites influences such as Jack Starrett's Race With the Devil and Robin Hardy's The Wicker Man, which tells the serious horror aficionado that Smith most likely won't be churning out just another Friday the 13th retread. His goal is to make something "creepy and unsettling," and not just "gore," which sounds just dandy to me. Smith's last comment (that his particular horror concept hasn't been "done before") is what buoys my interest -- because let's face it: Kevin Smith and Horror Movie don't immediately sound like a perfect match.

But that's why they make the movies, right? Plus I give the guy points for not only promising to do something different after Clerks 2, but also for following through on that promise. Anyway, we've already pimped the hell out of this pre-pre-production project, so we'll give it a rest until some actual news hits the scene.
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