Even before The Black Dahlia hits theaters, New Line has decided the story is going to sell enough tickets to be worth another movie. To that end, they've picked up the movie rights to Black Dahlia Avenger, the most recent book in which someone names their dad (well, either dad or Orson Welles) the Dahlia's killer. This one is by former LA detective Steve Hodel, who details the investigation that led him to identify (convincingly, aaccording to many familiar with the case) his own father as the real killer of Elizabeth Short, the wannabe actress who came, after her death, to be known as The Black Dahlia. AH!

Interestingly, Hodel came upon the Dahlia case in a roundabout way. When his father died, he left Hodel a collection of photographs, two of which were of Short. Embarking upon "a quest to discover who his father really was, [he] came up with a picture of a brilliant, charming, Hannibal Lecter-like villain he believes may have killed a dozen people." Holy crap am I freaked out right now. I'm going to publish this post, because I have to go to Amazon right now and get this sucker overnighted to me.
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