With the overblown media attention given to the Tom Cruise/Paramount story, some outlets have been running pieces on current celebrity behavior in general. Mostly there's been the tying in of Mel Gibson's arrest and anti-semitic rant and of Lindsay Lohan'swarning memo from Morgan Creek. For anyone to be asking, "what is up with Hollywood?" seems to be stretching three incidents pretty thin to cover the entire industry, but, hey, when does the media worry about their generalizations?

Anyway, of all the people to chime in on the issue of actor etiquette, William H. Macy and his wife, Felicity Huffman, are probably the most random. But they have each worked with Lohan recently and must have had a discussion about the difficulties of working with her. Macy co-stars with her in Bobby and Huffman saw the whole Morgan Creek events first-hand by co-starring in Georgia Rule. According to CelebrityWeek.com, Macy is speaking out about Lohan, saying that she and anyone behaving like her should be fired. He also said they should, "have their asses kicked." As for Huffman, she apparently speaks highly of the actress' talents, but agrees that she is, "very, very disrespectful."

I guess if she couldn't act and behaved inappropriately then she really would have no reason to be cast, but behavior has never been a priority over talent in the movie biz. There have been problems with stars since the beginning of Hollywood. Often it is the best actors and actresses who are known for being erratic, reckless, drugged or something else. I guess Macy and Huffman are just unique in that they are great and perfect, too.

[via Fark.com]
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