The buzz among Austin filmmakers this week is the announcement of the 2006 Texas Filmmakers' Production Fund winners, who will receive grants and/or materials to shoot, complete, or distribute their films. You can read a full list of recipients on the Austin Film Society site. The list is a kind of sneak preview of films you might see locally in the next year or two. While we're waiting for the TFPF winners' films, here are some of the special screenings in Austin this week.
  • Did anyone else grow up watching Escape to Witch Mountain a lot? I remember the 1975 film being shown on TV often and occasionally in theaters when I was growing up. If you want to relive the nostalgia of Tony and Tia and their special powers, you can see the film at the monthly Saturday Morning Kids Club at Alamo South Lamar this weekend. Admission is free.
  • The film we've all watched on TV multiple times, The Sound of Music, will screen at The Paramount on Saturday and Sunday. The theater has a digitally remastered 70mm print, so the singing nuns should look and sound more fabulous than ever. The Paramount is also showing Vertigo on Tuesday and Wednesday night, the ever-popular Baraka on Thursday and Saturday night, and Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm next Friday and Saturday night. (I guess they didn't read Chris Garcia's Austin American-Statesman column about overrated films that includes Vertigo and Lawrence of Arabia .)
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