It's Sean Connery's birthday today, although he might not want us to dwell on the exact age count. I figured we'd all seen him as James Bond, so perhaps I ought to go back even further and find a photo from his pre-007 days. I remembered a Disney movie I'd seen as a little girl, but couldn't recall much about the movie except that Connery was in it, looking surprisingly young and even a bit goofy.

The movie from which the above photo was taken is Darby O'Gill and the Little People, a 1959 family film about leprechauns set in a magical stereotypical Irish village. Creative Screenwriting has posted a good review and summary of the Disney film. Connery doesn't play the title character -- he's Michael McBride, who's interested in wooing O'Gill's lovely daughter Katie, played by Janet Munro. Connery even sings a bit, although I can't remember if it's on the same level as Clint Eastwood's singing in Paint Your Wagon. Three years later, he starred in Dr. No, the first in the long series of James Bond movies. My favorite Connery role may be his cameo in Time Bandits -- what's yours?
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