Now that all the rapid-fire excitement over who did what to whom in the Tom Cruise/Paula Wagner split from longtime home Paramount has quieted down a little, Variety has slipped in an article that actually discusses something of relevance: Who gets the projects? C/W had numerous projects in the works for Paramount, and even more rights to books and scripts sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust (ah, Hollywood, where all the cool kids snatch up hot properties before anyone else can get them, only to sit on them ad infinitum).

According to the Variety piece, C/W had acquired some promising properties, including a script being written for Cruise by A Good Year scribe Marc Klein, and Carter Beats the Devil, a novel about a magician being adapted by Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter Michael Arndt (this must be the big season for films about magicians, what with The Illusionist and The Prestige both opening soon). For those of you who are actually interested in the business side of Hollywood, the article gives some interesting background on the effects of the executive shift at Paramount under Brad Grey. At any rate, it certainly beats reading yet another "they said/no, we said" story about the C/W-Paramount split.

[via Movie City News ]

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