How do you turn a standard pre-release filmmaker interview into something fun, funny, and packed with Patrick Swayze references? Well, you start off by interviewing 2 of the 5 Broken Lizard lunatics -- because regardless of what you thought of Club Dread, these are some seriously funny dudes. The second method for turning a potentially standard interview into something fresh and amusing -- do it in comic strip form! CulturePulp's Mike Russell has been doing the strip interviews for quite some time now, and they're all pretty darn great. And for those who prefer their filmmaker interviews to be delivered in a standard format, Russell's got you covered there too.

His most recent piece is an irreverent-yet-informative chit-chat with Steve Lemme & Erik Stolhanske, aka 2/5ths of the comedy troupe that gave you the hilarious Super Troopers, the bizarrely un-hilarious Club Dread, and the best Broken Lizard flick yet: Beerfest. Topics of animated (and somewhat drunken) conversation include Road House, Vincent Spano, Adam Sandler, Donald Sutherland, Cloris Leachman, Brian Bosworth, and the long-delayed release of The Onion Movie. Oh, and beer.

Ah, I almost forgot: The fate of Broken Lizard's most ambitious project yet (an ancient Olympian comedy called Greek Road) lies firmly within your hands, my friends. If enough people go see Beerfest, the Lizards will most likely get the bankroll they need to bring Greek Road to life ... and the concept alone sounds pretty damn funny.
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