Odds and ends from Friday:

  • I'm not sure why, but tattoos scare me and I refuse to get one. Yet, my sister has seven ... and she's nineteen. Go figure. Apparently, Jason Behr (The Grudge) has no problem with the ink stains, as he has just signed on to star in The Tattooist. Pic, which marks the directorial debut of commercial helmer Peter Burger, revolves around a tattoo artist whose obsession with the Samoan tatau tradition leads him to unlock a world of danger and mysticism. See, that's why I won't get one.
  • Blue Star Pictures has teamed up with Mandalay Pictures and optioned T.S. Faull's original script, Living Dead Girl, with Eric Tessier attached to direct. Flick looks to put an original spin on the zombie genre, as it centers on a girl who returns from the dead to hunt down her killer, while teaming up with a funeral director "who has a thing for dead girls" (don't get me started on why that creeps me out) to help aid in her quest.
  • Though it's not much, some more information has been announced regarding Woody Allen's next film (after he gets done finishing his third London-based flick), which, if you're not already aware, will be set in Spain. That's right, Woody has decided to go global ... and I like it. Why not, right? Pic will take place in Barcelona and will star English-speaking actors who, as typical with an Allen film, become wrapped up in a "love entanglement." If all goes well, Allen will begin production next summer.
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