Usually when a movie is adapted into a TV series, either the situation of the movie's plot or its characters are brought from the big screen to the small, but New Line has announced a TV version of the comedy hit Wedding Crashers that doesn't have much to do with the original source. Rather than making a sitcom based on the roles originated by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, the series will be more of a candid-camera reality show, in the style of Punk'd. In fact, the show will be produced by Ashton Kutcher and his partners at Katalyst Films.

Wedding Crashers will follow a group of improv actors as they crash actual weddings -- in a good way. What? Well, rather than imposing on and embarrassing the bride and groom, the actors will make the weddings more fun for the parties, contributing memorable stunts and pranks much like Wilson and Vaughn do in the first 20 minutes of the movie. I can only imagine that sometimes the wedding parties will not appreciate the stunts and pranks as much as New Line thinks they will, however. Just think about whether you'd want your wedding exploited for reality television. Okay, so many people might welcome the 15 minutes of fame. So, what's next, New Line? Snakes on a Plane, the realty series?
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