It wasn't long ago we told you Andre Braugher had dropped out of a guest starring role in TV's popular ER to sign on with Fantastic Four 2. At the time, nobody knew what part he would be playing. Major speculation turned to the longtime Four nemesis The Puppet Master, which was very smart speculation -- I was impressed when I heard it. It was wrong, but still, some smart thinking. Some less smart thinking had Braugher pinned as the Silver Surfer, a role everyone expects to see taken by actor Doug Jones. As it turns out, Braugher is not playing a hero or villian (of the super-human variety, I mean); rather, he will be a military general. Presumably a military general of some relative importance, not just a walk-on role, or he probably wouldn't have left the E.R.. This makes Braugher the second actor cast as military personnel for the film, with Gonzalo Menendez already signed on as a lieutenant.

Cross your fingers, True Believers, action is begining to happen on Fantastic Four 2 and we really don't want a repeat of the first go-round.
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